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  • Flightscope Launch Monitor to capture Club and Golf Ball Data.
  • Outside Fittings on grass with real ball flight.
  • Advanced Fitting System Interchangeable Head and Shaft. 
  • 100’s of combinations to optimize performance.  
  • Factory Certified Fitter/PGA Head Golf Professional.
  • Club Trade in Program or Retro Fit current set.
  • Comparable pricing on new clubs. 
  • No obligation to purchase clubs.
  • Set Gapping Use your current set to see if there is any “gap” in yardages between clubs in your current set.    


Chestatee Golf Club Fitting and Set Gapping
Full Bag Fitting 2 Hours $120.00
Driver/Fairway Fitting 1 Hour $60.00
Iron/Hybrid Fitting 1 Hour $60.00
Wedge Fitting 1 Hour $60.00
Putter Fitting 1 Hour $40.00
Current Set Gapping 1 Hour $60.00
Todd Gilgrist Mike Pritchett Andrew Mills
PGA, Head Golf Professional PGA, Assistant Golf Professional PGA, Lead Assistant Golf Professional
  Club Repair Club Repair
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PING, The Custom Fitting Leader and Pioneer

The goal of the service is to bring to you the same fitting and fitting methodology that you would enjoy should you be at the PING factory in Phoenix, Arizona.
This is an unhurried, informative session that players of all skill levels will enjoy.
Using two of the best tools for accurate fitting.
The PING advanced fitting system features hundreds of interchangeable shaft and head combinations to pinpoint the best combination for optimal ball flight.

The launch and spin data will be calibrated by internationally recognized brand Flightscope, Tour Xi+ unit.
Used by the best players in the world and leading golf manufactures, Flightscope represents the best in accuracy and performance, with a highly intuitive application that allows the fitter to email all of the fitting data to the player. www.Flightscope.com  
The fittings will be conducted on the Chestatee Golf Club practice tee, with actual ball flight and turf interaction with Titleist practice balls.

Chestatee Golf Club Head Golf Professional Todd Gilgrist will be your fitter. Todd has been a PING Product Specialist since 2008, and has been awarded PING’s highest fitting award, “Top 100 Fitter” moreover, Todd has very in-depth knowledge of PING products and company history.
With offering Club Fitting at this level, we know there will be some questions you might have in deciding to take advantage this service.


Here are some commonly asked questions:

Q- Am I obligated to purchase clubs?
A- NO, a fitting is simply an informational tool for your benefit.
Q-What is the pricing policy for clubs?
A- We sell all manufactures’ at competitive pricing and we will price match as well

Q- Can you fit me for other brands?
A- YES, while PING is the only brand equipment. Arrangements can be made to either acquire fitting supplies for other brands or your fitting specialist can convert your PING data.

Q- After a fitting can my current set be adjusted?
A-YES, In addition to offering the high level of club fitting, The club has invested in a full club repair service offering all things in club repair.
  • Loft and Lie adjustments
  • Re-gripping, re-shafting, grinding
  • Custom paint fill
  • Custom stamping

Q-What if I don’t hit the ball well during the fitting.
A- Quite simply, we will reschedule. We want you to enjoy your session 
without any second thoughts.
Q-I am not good enough to get fit for clubs.
A- This is a fitting myth! Your golf swing has its own pattern, regardless of skill, your clubs can always be adjusted as you develop.
Q-Does my fitting fee get applied to the sa
le should I buy clubs.
A- NO, The fitting fee you pay is for time spent with an expert fitter, using the best te
chnology, you are under no obligation to purchase clubs. However, if you do purchase from us, here are some of the perks you benefit from.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Competitive and Fair Pricing.  
  • Old or Used Club Trade in Service.
Q-Can I purchase the Full Bag fitting and split up the fitting timewise?
A- YES, you and the fitter will coordinate the schedule.
Q-Do you sell gift certificates for fitting or clubs or both?
A- YES, The fitting and a new club or clubs make a great gift and can be done easily. We sell Chestatee Gift Cards that make a great presentation along with a detailed description of the clubs or services purchased.  

Please call Chestatee Golf Club at 706-216-7336 to start your club fitting today!